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Tuesday, October 22 2002

  The EC 2002 web page is full with information about the upcoming Event of the Fall - European championship from 8th to 10th November. Be sure to come, this will be one of the best MECCG events this year!
  The logo of the EC:

  The rankings and this season rankings are finally updated. The limited will appear soon. The most inmportant information from them is that Karel and Vojta are prequalified to the EC finals. Congrats!

Friday, September 27 2002

  The most important thing is a near launch of the EC 2002 web page. Thanks to Mike for the brilliant work!
  Second thing are the rankings after the last 2-deck in Outpost last weekend. The tournament was won by Pavel J., second was Karel and third was Vlada.
  I heard yesterday, that the czech forum is hard-to-find, so I add a subscription address here again. Everybody is welcomed to join. Expect tournament information, up-to-date rankings day after every tournament, possibility to trade with other czech players and much more ;)

Wednesday, September 11 2002

   New all-time rankings update, the limited ones still to come, sorry (just look in the mail link below). I managed to put up few new decks. Expect more to come, as well as my WC2002 report and some EC 2002 stuff.
  New tournaments scheduled in the
ongoing section. The final formats still discussed on the forum.
   To see the WC 2002 results go to the official page. You can see us here or there;) Esp. in the drinking game results but even elsewhere.

Wednesday, August 27 2002

   I updated at least this season rankings now. You can read all the ladders here.
  My living in Prague was damaged by the floods and therefore updates will became rarer and shorter for a while. Anyone who'd like to take care of the site is welcomed.
   Back to ME:CCG - there were two tournaments on the last Sunday. First 2-deck general and second (mostly) german ME:TW draft on which very nice 12 people turned up. See message above for the results.
   There is at least 4 people leaving to the WC in Cologne so I hope we'll hold the Czech republic's flag high ;)
   Next tournaments are expected to take place on 22nd September, and another double (constructed+draft) on 13th October. And then finally the EC, from 8th to 10th November - this is a must.

Wednesday, July 24 2002

  The format of the tournament planned for 11th August is being discussed on the forum. The bigger tournament on the 25th (the WC preparation) will have a four-round 2-deck constructed part from 10:00 and about 18:00 will become a limited German ME:TW draft (with a bit of english boosters) - if you want to participate on the limited event, please let me know to reserve you a place.
  The rankings are updated with this Sunday tournament results. Just in short - the winner was Karel, I (Kuba) was the runner up and Martin Petrak was third.
  We won the bid to prepare the European championship in Prague on 9(8)-10 November. Therefore we should concentrate on making this event a good picture of Czech republic and especially us, the czech ME:CCG players! Any help welcomed!

Saturday, July 13 2002

   There is going to be a general 2-deck constructed tournament on the 21st July in Outpost. Another tournaments during the holiday are planned for 11th and a BIG one (world championship preparation) for 25th August. More information in the tournament section. Finally, I updated the rankings I posted on the forum weeks ago.
  Still looking for anyone who'd like to be helpful in the european championship preparations!!! If you're interested, contact me, please.

Sunday, May 19 2002

  Complete rankings updated with information from the last tournament. Added map to "Where to find us" section.
  The new tournament will probably take place on 9th of June in Outpost. Keep checking the tournament section.
  We're currently throwing all our efforts towards placing a bid for the 2002 EC to be held in Prague. Any help appreciated. More information on the forum.

Sunday, May 12 2002

  Rankings for this year updated with information from the last tournament, which had the biggest attendence since the beggining of the year. SUPERB! Even a new people appeared! Just to keep the information level high I, Kuba, won with a Balrog deck (if I find a bit more time, I'll put it in the deck section). Second was Pavel Janecek (RW) and third Martin Petrak (WZ) (and fourth was our big leader Mike (BA) ;o).

  No new tournament isn't planned for any exact date, but expect something after a month or so. Before that, you will be warmly welcomed in
Outpost on every Thursday evening. The group of ME:CCG fellows there is considerably (?) growing, so be sure you'll find somebody to play/trade with.
  Important thing is a decision (if you disagree, we're ready for any arguments on the forum), that a new Czech championship will take place AFTER these World and European chapionships, presumably in the first half of the year 2003. (As you may or may not know, previously we had a championship qualifing to the WC a year later - this means that Vojta is qualified for this WC in Koeln).
  I'm again calling for people, who'd like to dedicate a bit of their time to the czech ME:CCG community for taking some sections of this page under their wings. And maybe with even higher priority, invite the people to the conference as much as you can, PLEASE!

Tuesday, April 23 2002

  A beginner tournament took place on Sunday. Congratulations to the winner - Tomas Odlozil. Unfortunately only 6 players came to play, so I and Karel had to increase the number of players to the final eight. I think that the tournament was quite succesful, at least because of integration of other players in tournament player group.
  I want to remind you of the tournament this Saturday once more. Start is at 16.00 (4 PM). After that, a draft will probably begin. If your interested, write on the forum!
  Finally, the date of the World Championship was announced. It will take place on the last weekend of August (August 30 to September 1) in Cologne (Koeln am Rhein). There will certainly be a group of czech players attending it. If you want to group with us, contact me. I am also in contact with Oliver in the thing of free sleeping, so if you haven't got enough money for a hotel, be quick to let me know, and I will try to negotiate you a place.

Friday, April 5 2002

  Sorry for the enormous delay. Some new information about the upcoming tournaments. The next tournament will be BEGINNER ONLY, and it will take place in the farthest caves of Outpost on Sunday, April 21, at 11 (IIRC). The main judge will be Karel, but expect more people to wander around ready to help here or there. Everybody who consideres himself a newbie is WELCOMED!! The prices should be quite big.
  Right next week, this time on Saturday (that's April 27) at 4 PM will be a standard CoLgb 2-deck constructed tournament. After it, a draft will (if enough people will want) take a place. Again, EVERYBODY will be appriciated to take part on these. Expect tons of prizes :-))

Saturday, March 2 2002

  There is a small league ran already for a week planned to be on the scene for another two weeks. It is built upon the scenario rules made up by the Hamburg player group. Right now, there are two other scenarios added (Bard Dragonslayer and buffed up Wizard). Also the rules are slightly changed. See details here. Another thing is that there are Council of Elrong elections right now, read the details and vote! Also the Worlds are taking its shape - more details to come soon.

Thursday, February 21 2002

  I will finally end with strong words and start some work. On the last weekend on Pragocon, there was a classical 2-deck general tournament, which won our big leader Mike with Wolf balrog (I'll try to publish the deck ASAP), then some ordinary looser not able to stay at 200 :-). Then came Martin and on the fourth place was Vojta. It was quite a peaceful tournament, just Vojta had to build his deck, so the preparations were a bit longer than expected. Then took place a long expected party consisting of one cunstructed drinking game, using the special drinking game set developped by german and austrian players. We had a lot of fun (I don't remember much of it, unfortunately). The highlights are that Petr almost dunked (if I didn't Beorning his company with 2(!!) Scrolls of Isuldur - sorry Petr), but Vojta actually won. I know that Michal was a creature fodder and I had the luck, that he played on me, so I got something like 15 creature MPs or so. Just a pitty more people didn't show up. Next Thursday, there's gonna be a tournament in Outpost. Mike will probably post more details on the forum.

Sunday, February 10 2002

  It did accidently happen that I won the tournament on Thursday. But we had a very good attendance of TEN players, including a new one - Petr from Slovakia. The next Thursday, it's gonna be the normal 2-deck general opponent.

Tuesday, February 5 2002

  I hope, that I will be able to set up the first english version till the end of the week. This time the beginning of player list or card list section and some other minor updates added. Anyway, there is another tournament in Outpost (see Where to find us) this Thursday. This time, it's gonna be simple one-deck game tournament. Hope you'll come.

Tuesday, January 29 2002

  Due to a smaller problems with some exams:), the changes aren't as fast as they were meant to. But don't worry, eventually, it'll be done.

Friday, January 18 2002

  There is going to be a large reconstruction of the site. Watch out in next few days. Right now, just the pictures from Hohensolms. I would also like to invite you to our midnight tourney on Pragacon (see new tournaments). And the last thing for now, is that a new czech email conference dedicated to ME:CCG was founded. You can subscribe here or send me a mail, and I will do it for you.